This project is born out of a long-term personal dream to make this world a better place for all. It reflects the many experiences I have accumulated working in countries around the globe and supporting different organisations and professionals working for or with children. Importantly, this project also reflects who I have become as a woman. I believe we are the sum of all our parts and experiences and, through this project, I want to give you the whole of me: child rights expert, woman and humanist. I want this project, prepared with so much passion and care, to reflect me as I am, wholly.  

We live in a world that is in desperate need of empathy, love and peace. We live in a society that needs to come together for the sake of social justice. For almost two decades, I have been working to defend children’s rights at international level, I have seen the challenges, but also the potential and good in people. This project was born in Strasbourg, France, out of a desire to create a better world for children to live and thrive in, but also a wish to help professionals become a better version of themselves, for children, but also for themselves. I have called this project Cultivons l’Empathie – for I wish us all to go beyond ourselves, to be able to look at our attitudes towards children and other adults, to question the system and to start imagining and finally creating a better society for us all. Let’s dare to dream that all children, regardless of where they were born, who their parents are, what language they speak or what their individual personality and needs are, will truly have the opportunity to reach their human potential. Let’s dare to imagine that we can create societies that are just, compassionate, welcoming of difference, prosperous and egalitarian. Let’s dare to create a better world.

Like the tiny hummingbird that represents this space, I too want to make my contribution. I want to continue supporting institutions in the preparation of strategies, action plans, evaluation tools or other institutional initiatives. I want to enhance the training of professionals who work directly with children, by disseminating books, themed courses and other resources. But, above all, I dream that this space can inspire, challenge and serve as an incubator for ideas and, perhaps, a movement to fight for a different world.

In this space you will find:

  • Discussion articles, where I will present my thoughts and ideas about how I see the world and how we can improve it;
  • Practical knowledge, tools and other resources about child rights and how they can be translated in practice in health, education, local governance and other settings;
  • Online seminars and courses for professionals and students;
  • Books;
  • News and other information of interest. 

I hope you enjoy it, that it may be useful to your work and serve as inspiration.

See you around,

About me

My name is Ana Isabel F. Guerreiro and I am an international expert on children’s rights. My work focuses on improving children’s lives by developing strategies and programmes, improving services and training professionals in different contexts. I have implemented projects and collaborated with various types of governmental and non-governmental organisations in several countries in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and the United States of America. For several years I have collaborated with the World Health Organisation’s Regional Committee for Europe, for which I have developed tools, strategies and procedures, using the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis for improving the quality of care for children. I have also worked with UNICEF to disseminate and implement the Child-Friendly Cities Initiative. Since 2017, I have been collaborating in this context with the Municipality of Cascais, Portugal. In 2022, I launched the book series “Children’s Rights in Practice.” I have also published several articles relevant to children’s rights in scientific journals.

Today, I wish to inspire professionals, parents and other adults to question and improve existing services, the system and the society we have created for children.